Solar Inverter IN65

Type: Solar Inverter
Product certification: ce
Circuit topology: full bridge
Output voltage waveform: modified sine wave
Input voltage range: DC10.0-15.5 (V)
Output voltage: AC220-240 (V)
Output power: 2000 (W)
Inverter efficiency: 90 (%)
Voltage regulation rate: 99 (%)
Load regulation: 99 (%)
Material number: A2000
Processing customization: no
Rated capacity: 2000W
Output frequency: 50 (HZ)
Dimensions: 325.0×200.0×90.0mm
Maximum output power: 2050 (W)
Continuous output power: 2000 (W)
Specifications: 12V full power 300W, 12V full power 500W, 12V full power 600W, 12V full power 1000W, 12V full power 1500W, 12V full power 2000W,
24V full power 1000W, 24V full power 1500W, 24V full power 2000W
Protection circuit: overload shutdown, short circuit shutdown, over temperature shutdown, low voltage shutdown to protect the battery
Color: red or blue

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