Spider phone holder third generation


Product name Spider phone holder third generation
Product material Aluminum alloy+ABS+Silicone+steel
Product weight Net weight 622g/gross weight 709g
Product packaging size 31.8×12.8×6.7cm
Product Applicable Size All Phones or Tablets
Product packing information 56*34.5*37.5cm/20pcs/17kg
Product accessories none
Feature 1 It can be DIY any shape, used on the desktop, bathroom, outdoor, various scenes, and even can be used as a video shooting stand. Suitable for foreigners who like to create. It is the most widely used new bracket.
Feature 2 Applicable to most mobile phones or tablet computers, easy to adjust and easy to carry
Feature 3 Not only can the height and width be easily adjusted, but the legs are thicker and more stable in use
Feature 4 A mobile phone tablet holder that can replace all styles

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