Corded Vacuum Cleaner V-24

Product Name Corded Vacuum Cleaner
Product Style Wired
Product color black, white
Single weight about 276g
The weight including packing accessories is about 398g
Single size about 32.8×5.5cm
Package size 33×8.5×7cm
Packing Quantity 20pcs
Outer box size 39.5×33.5×50cm
FCL weight about 8.4kg
Product power 120W
Product suction 4000Pa
Current ≤6A
Rated voltage 12V
The length of the power cord is about 3 meters for the cigarette lighter cord
Product accessories Vacuum cleaner with cigarette lighter power cord, hair brush, long flat brush, auxiliary connector manual, packing box
Use time Up to 18 minutes of continuous use, need to stop and rest

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