Double Cylinder Air Pump C-37

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Product Name Double Cylinder Air Pump
Product style Digital display with light/without light + tire repair tool
Product color silver
Single weight about 1.5kg (including power cord)
The weight including packing accessories is about 2.9kg
A single size is about 22×7×11.5cm (excluding handle height)
Package size 33×14.5×24cm
Packing Quantity 8
Outer box size 68×47.5×31cm
FCL weight about 24.5kg
Product power 150W
Rated voltage 12V
The length of the power cord is about 2.5 meters for the cigarette lighter
The inflatable tube is about 40cm long
cylinder double cylinder
Product Accessories Host (including cigarette lighter power cord, inflatable tube), extended inflatable tube, battery clip, three gas nozzles, manual, screwdriver set, tire repair kit, needle-nose pliers, utility knife, toolbox
Product advantages Inflation, tire pressure measurement, lighting, emergency tire repair, digital display, preset tire pressure, full automatic stop, car battery power

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Double Cylinder Air Pump C-37 有 1 个评价

  1. David

    Good service,fast shipping,will be back for next order very soon.


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