Wave board bendable car mount KT21-1

Product name: wave board bendable car mount
Color: black
Main material: ABS+Silicone
Main process: injection molding, S/N positive and negative electrodes to form a closed magnetic field
Product weight: net weight 29g, gross weight 52g
Product size: 55*65*25mm
Color box size: 65.5*28*101mm
Carton size: 47*42*35mm 300pcs/carton

Packing weight: 16.6kg
Product Features:
1. Innovative waste base, which can fit even with curved lines
2. Multifunctional three-in-one such as bracket + storage
3. There are 8 strong magnets in each set, the maximum adsorption force is about 4.5KG
4. Window breaker storage, data cable storage, and paste at the bottom curved surface
5. Configuration: 2 38*50mm square iron sheets, with a glue on the bottom and a glue

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