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    Gimbal Strong Clamp

    product description
    Gimbal Strong Clamp
    The material is good and the clamp is strong enough to clip to a light stand, tripod, table or other suitable place. There is a gimbal design on the clip, which can fix the camera, flash or other accessories, and the universal ball head design makes it easy to adjust the angle. There is a protective rubber on the mouth of the clip to ensure that the clipped items are not damaged.
    Product name: PTZ Clamp

    Product material: metal

    Product weight: 0.2KG
    The gimbal and the clip are integrated and cannot be separated.
    Creative supplies, use your imagination according to your needs.

    [Product Specifications]: Standard 1/4 screw interface, which can be connected to digital cameras, SLR cameras, wireless flash trigger devices, etc.
    The strong clamp is made of metal and has a large clamping force. The front end of the strong clip has a rubber wrap, which has good adhesion and protection to the product.
    The clip part can be used to clip background paper and background cloth on the background frame.
    The top of the gimbal has a standard 1/4 screw head, which can be connected to the camera as a base. The clip is clamped on the desktop or shooting table, and the camera can be rotated 360 degrees, and you can shoot how you want.
    【Kind tips】
    When using clips and other related products, be sure to confirm whether the clips are really fastened? If installing a digital camera, make sure that the clamping force and angle of the clips are sufficient to bear the weight of the digital camera.
    When installing or disassembling, please hold the position of the main product with your hands to prevent the appliance from being accidentally dropped and broken.


    Model: E word phone clip
    Material: ABS, copper
    Weight: 0.03kg

    Colour: Black
    Name: One Font Mobile Phone Holder

    This latest upgraded mobile phone clip is suitable for taking pictures with 55-85mm mobile phones such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc. It can also be installed on selfie sticks and tripods for shooting. It may be the most cost-effective mobile phone clip on the market. Choose high-quality materials for customers. preferential experience.
    The phone clip is very compact and convenient, high strength, small size, light weight, easy to carry and install. Small when not in use, easy to store.
    Mobile phone clip one-word universal selfie color universal stretch clip dual interface external lazy
    Fully upgraded, but still a mobile phone clip, safer, more flexible and more playable, with a unique 2 screw hole design! Shoot horizontally and vertically, the mood decides;
    Can be installed on any tripod, the clip range: 55-85mm! Applicable to major mainstream mobile phones (Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc.)
    Factory direct sales, large quantity favorably!

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    Vertical laptop stand


    product description
    Product name: Notebook vertical storage stand
    Product material: aluminum alloy
    Product size: 180*70*115mm
    Product weight: 0.21KG
    Scope of application: 0-24mm thick notebook
    Packaging: boutique box